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Air freshener produced by the rehabilitee on display

Cross section of rehabilitee learning how to produce detergent and Air freshener…..

Skill acquisition is a specific form of learning; a person can begin to develop knowledge representations of how to respond in certain situations. These representations have some form of privileged status in memory because they can be retrieved more easily and reliably than memories of single events. Thus, skilled behaviours can become routinized and even automatic under some conditions. The range of behaviours that can be considered to involve skill acquisition could potentially include all responses that are not innate. We go through challenges to make sure they acquire the skill of their choice as these will enable them not to be liabilities when eventually reconciled to the society. So we urge our numerous benefactors and good Nigerians alike to contribute their quota and ensure that these categories of people are been given a befitting future after rehabilitation and reconciliation

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