1)    Donations:  Your donations will help the project by allowing for a steady contribution to our school, health center operations and funding our rehabilitating development initiatives, you can donate either regular, monthly or as an organization/society, club, personal or group etc. 

‚Äč•    Be part of this loud-able Project and join the Organization to provide accommodation for these categories of people.  We urge you to sponsor, donate (Financially or Building Materials) or build any of the structure if you will, your name(s) will be inscribe on the structure(s) upon complexion.

Donate to our Account.

Account Name: so-said Charity Home
Account Number: 0250679013
Bank: FCMB

Zenith Bank 
Account Name: Society for the safety of the Insane/Destitute
Account Number: 1012443993
Bank: Zenith Bank