About Us

So-said Charity Home for Vulnerable person started through the Inspiration/revelations shown by God to Concern Felicia Martins who was a part time 300 level student of the Lagos State University (LASU) as well as a Manager in KAFAM Services Limited. She derives pleasure to reach-out to the vulnerable persons by showing them love and care.  Also, God has always communicated  with her through dreams and revealed a passage in the Bible  “YOU HAVE NOT CHOSEN ME BUT I HAVE CHOSEN YOU AND ORDAINED YOU THAT YOU SHOULD GO AND BRING FORTH FRUITS AND THAT YOUR FRUITS SHALL REMAIN ( John 15vs16).  She became worried and troubled because of this revelation considering the task one has to go through  reaching  out to the vulnerable ones on the street that are rejected by all and the reaction of the society.

In a short while, she started having signs like illness, failure in business, and other setbacks. After several consultations with her Pastor, she asked the Lord in a moment of introspection and finally let God have his way. The Lord showed her another passage in the bible: FOR THE VISION IS YET FOR AN APPOINTED TIME BUT AT THE END, IT SHALL SPEAK AND NOT LIE, THOUGH IT MAY TARRY, WAIT FOR IT BECAUSE IT WILL SURELY COME. (Habakkuk 2vs3)

At a time, she deferred her course at Lagos State University (LASU) and also resigned from her job and started identifying with the Destitute on the street.  During this process, she went through lots of challenges including her immediate family, who rejected her and threw her out of her matrimonial house for 8 months that she was a disgrace to the family but God who called her have always been her anchor throughout those times.

As work commenced, in the course to provide shelter for the vulnerable persons, she met with late Oba Alahun Okikiola Imore who through the mercies of the Lord gave her a pieces of Land beside a canal behind his palace, at James Igbe Street Ajegunle Lagos where the Organization eventually constructed a temporary structure with wood and zinc
but after some time, the wall of a company which was adjacent the Home collapsed (Port Express Company).  These scenario made the Home homeless for another eight (8) months, but God so kind Chief Dada Onijomo, a Retired Naval Officer  notice what was amiss and relocated the Organization to 64, James Igbe Street, Awodi-Ora, Lagos also close to the canal where a wood and Zinc house was constructed.

In 2008, the Lagos State Government embarked on mass demolitions of structures built by the canals of which the Home was affected and friends of the Home wrote to Lagos State Government for assistance to relocate the home.  The Rehabilitees where relocated to an uncompleted building at Festac Town, before moving to rent apartment at 45, Owolabi Street, by Lord Bus Stop, Ago Palace Way Okota, same year 2008 through the assistance of Mr. & Mrs. Mike Osime, where the Home was housed for three years 2008-2011 and in 2012 friends and benefactors of the Home contributed and purchased two plots of land where the home have used as its own permanent building located at 55 Ibro Way Hosanna Estate, Ago Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.